So, I have this friend who wouldn’t express himself. There’s absolutely zero drama in him. It is just that he doesn’t like to. He is a carefree person, an amazing friend from my childhood and is extremely good to talk with.

One day, it happened that I was really confused about something in my life and I decided to share it with him in text. He listened to it and he gave his opinion on it.

Me : Thanks for listening to me. I know you were the right person to share this with.

He : What can I reply for this? (With absolutely no drama)

Me : You should probably improve how you express yourself. You do not even know how you should react for a thanks.

He : Do you expect me to send “You’re welcome” or a loved smiley?

Me : No. Not like that. I expect you to send what comes to your mind when I said thanks.

He : All I thought was, “It’s unnecessary”. What should I be saying for this?

Me : How can you say that its unnecessary? Had I said this to someone else, they would have worsened the situation. I’m able to count on a friend regarding this issue just because it’s YOU.

He : Again, had you said this to someone else, thanks was necessary. Here, it’s unnecessary. You get that?

That’s the greatest extent to which he expressed what he means to me. šŸ˜ There’s no heart emojis, “Awwww’s” or Love you’s between us. But sometimes, LESS IS MORE!! ā¤ļø