Each tree has a way in which it can be planted. Here are the three known ways to make a plant grow :

  1. Bury a seed, it starts to germinate and sprouts out into a tiny sapling.
  2. You just break a twig from a healthy plant. Plant the twig in a new spot with adequate sunlight and water. It develops roots and becomes a whole new strong tree by itself.
  3. Uproot a sapling carefully with all its root intact. Dig a hole big enough to house the roots. Place the sapling in the desired hole and cover the roots with soil. The plant continues to grow in the new place.

It’s the same with human beings. You wanna grow? You can be either of the three personalities.

  • You tear out of your comfort zone, go beyond limits and become an entirely different and a better person like a seed does;


  • No matter what, you still keep growing even when people break you apart and throw you aside just like a twig does. You develop roots from the broken down edge and come back again as a strong new man.


  • Given a change of circumstance, you adapt to any given surrounding, but retain your identity and focus only on your growth. Wherever you are placed, you tend to hold on to your values tightly and also inculcate new values in you, like the roots of a plant which hold on to the new ground and develop subroots there.

There’s no growth without a change.

Next time when someone says, “You have changed”, remember that You have grown and evolved as a person.