I failed. Yes I did. I hit the rock bottom. But I’m not ashamed of it. Because, I learned some valuable lessons which I wouldn’t have otherwise.

I was proficient during school days. I passed 2 levels of my Chartered Accountancy exams (CPT and IPCC) in first attempt.

I FAILED in CA FINAL. I wrote both the groups and failed.

There was a series of questions in my mind about where I had gone wrong. There was disbelief, doubt, loss, grief, brokenheart, hatred and what not? I couldn’t eat and sleep peacefully for many days. I couldn’t think of anything else but my failure.

But the aftermath was powerful. Regaining the lost strength made me realise what I am actually capable of. Overall, all I could make out was –
The reason for my failure wasn’t just ME but various other factors too. I started working on zeroing down those factors.

Here are the key takeaways (apart from study techniques) from those gloomy yet strong days.

  • Failure doesn’t always mean you are not doing it right. You might have it all perfect but it doesn’t turn out sometimes. It’s just not your time.
  • Do not ask for ideas to study from more than one person or preferably, strategise the study plan on your own. Everyone’s strategy will add more panic to you as each one has their own speed and weakness.
  • Quitting Social Media will save you hours of wasted time. Spending those hours in sleeping and leisure activities is much better. Earlier, I used to give my exams while still being active on all social media. I said, “It’s all about self control even if all apps are installed on your phone”. But now, I would say that even if you have a high focus, your peers on Instagram and Facebook might burden you with distractive thoughts through their online content.
  • It’s okay to not know about their ‘made up’ portrayal of ‘what’s going on in my life’ for a while.
  • Having someone who completely confides in your strengths is very important to stay motivated. I’m glad I have my closie throughout this battle.
  • I was unfortunate to have caught a deadly food poison right before my exams in May. I had a decreased RBC count and a high level of toxin in my blood. I had to take only fluids for 15days. That, in turn made it difficult to get through. So the second time, I was very careful not to fall sick and had a cushion of 5 days in my schedule to cope with any such unforeseen mishaps. I realised how indispensable mental and physical health is, to put our plans into action. I practised calm and quiet mind, also meditated regularly. I avoided hotel food and completely fed on homemade food for 3 months straight.
  • This failure gave me a strong belief in positive and negative energy around us. How miraculous life turns by driving away negativity can’t be put in words! I totally cut off people from my life who I thought would not want me to grow in life. Such detoxification let me be on my full self.
  • The place you are surrounded by could impact the work you do to a great extent. I made sure to stay away from TV noises and sounds that distract me.

No one is unlucky in this world. If you aren’t given something you want, it only means you have got to work more for it or there’s something more which you deserve.

  • I realised that I had to be savvier to become a CA, I’m not enough to get it yet and this is an wonderful opportunity to get moulded in life.

Planning, Perseverance and Patience is a deadly combination to attain success .

When you have all these three, it instils paramount self confidence in you from the feeling that you have done your part and the rest is left to destiny. I haven’t got my results heretofore. I do not know if I’m going to succeed this time or not. But for all these lessons learnt, I’m thankful. 🙂