Hello bloggers!

After a very long gap of countable months, I have resumed self-learning of sketching and painting. I’m a self-taught, amateur artist still making lot of mistakes in every attempt. I’m not so proud of my not-so-good imperfect artworks. Yet, I’m super happy and content for my strife to master patience with every sketch/painting.

Sharing here, a collection of my artworks with you all to showcase, what the professional artists call “practices“. Most of them are inspired by YouTube Tutorials or Instagram Artists. They all are with a little bit of visible mess, possible corrections that I made to that mess and ounces of creativity.

Drop in your comments for my growth.

~Poster colors.

This came way better than I expected it to be!!


This was my first try using water colors. Didn’t succeed in keeping the material less soggy. Yet, I managed it . Wasn’t having a watercolor paper 😕

Pencil shading, as favourite as ever!

~Pencil Shading, again.

And this girl turned out to be so pretty. Personal best!! ❤️

~Acrylic painting

Inspired by a YouTube Tutorial. Drew a bird on the left side of the sky and ruined the perfection. Had to make a many layered correction later on! 😭