Let me just get through straight to the point. If you are an artist, you are truly gifted, for

  1. You forget the whole damn world when you are painting/drawing.
  2. You aren’t answerable to anyone for the mistakes you make.
  3. You naturally learn from your mistakes whether you intend to or not. The learning is quite unconscious.
  4. Your mind travels to a whole new world of fantasy and creativity.
  5. Adds a strong mental health, improves creativity, relieves stress, calms down your worried mind and what not?!
  6. The immense satisfaction and the feeling of accomplishment after you complete a piece of art is uncomparable.
  7. You are confident of your self-worth.
  8. You are capable of sensually moving people and making them happy.
  9. You have an artistic way of conveying your thoughts.
  10. Your fellow artist friends have a lot to explore from the nuances of your art work….

This list goes on…

I’ll not be mistaken if I say that being an artist is a different quality of life.

Of all these benefits, the best is that ;

In a world so competitive as this, Art is one thing which cannot be replicated accurately along with all its beautiful imperfections.

Oh yeah, you are safe! Someone can’t try to be ‘you‘ in this. Your work is unique. Your artwork can be exemplary but can never be copied.